This is too much, first it was Kris then Sulli and now Jessica. I’m so happy when they announced that the 9 members of SNSD renew their contract and now this. I tried to hold on to my tears when I was reading the news then suddenly my phone started playing “Complete”. I can take those dating new because it’s normal, but a member leaving a group or I rather say being forced to leave the group isn’t normal. I don’t know how not to stan SM artist, I hate SM for doing this to their artist. Because of this issue about Jessica I fell like Krystal is the next one because we all know how close Jung sisters are. I really thought that SNSD will be that one group who would stay until the end. I will no longer witness a solo concert were the 9 of them performing. 💔💔💔

#StayStrongSNSD #OT9

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